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Cold email personalization is simple when you use merge tags, but what tags should you use and how should you be using them?

It’s easy to go overboard and make an email that should sound human and personal feel forced and unnatural.

It’s even easier to underuse merge tags, and miss opportunities to streamline the process of creating uber-personalized emails – emails that successfully convince the recipient it was written for them, and them only.

Learn more about getting the best out of merge tags in the video above.



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What’s your approach to follow-ups? Are email sequences your thing? Or do you not see the value in sending follow-ups at all?

How about approach number three: sending the first round of follow-ups manually?

It takes more time. It’s a little more effort. But you’ll be rewarded in increased replies and conversions.

Your subsequent follow-ups can be automated as part of a sequence, but there are still some stipulations. Timing is key, and how you leverage your previous emails makes a big difference.

Think of sending follow-up emails like continuing a conversation, and you may see a significant uplift in the results they get you.

Learn more about crafting effective follow-up emails in just a few minutes by watching the video above.



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You should always be testing. That’s a given. But what should you be testing? A conversion doesn’t necessarily equal success. An opened email is not a sale.

Too often, people measure the success of an email campaign based on that metric alone.

Those people are doing it wrong.

Open rates tell you that your “from” name and subject line are working, but that’s all. Reply rates, link clicks, and meetings scheduled matter more – but how much money your emails make you is the most important metric of all.

Monitor the right metrics and test regularly, and you’ll benefit from invaluable insights that can help you increase the effectiveness of your cold email campaigns.

Learn more about effective testing with outreach expert Nate Wright, in the video above.