Mailshake Powers Your Lead Generation

Outbound sales on autopilot

Book more meetings with email automation

  • Build automated sales prospecting campaigns with email, phone, and social
  • Native and 3rd party integrations with your CRM and the rest of your tech stack
  • Get a bird's eye view of your campaign’s performance with powerful analytics
  • Proven templates to get your campaigns started
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Personalized public relations outreach

Increase your brand’s reach with personalized pitches to journalists

  • Reach out to journalists with personalized messages and automatic follow-ups
  • Connect with journalists on LinkedIn and Twitter as part of your campaign
  • Reply to leads from within Mailshake with Lead Catcher
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Candidate outreach at scale

Get in front of more potential candidates

  • Send thousands of personalized recruiting emails and automatic follow-ups from a single campaign
  • Manage candidate data with native and 3rd party integrations with your CRM and the rest of your tech stack
  • Identify which messages drive the most conversations with powerful campaign analytics

Generate leads while you sleep

Get exposure to thousands of new prospects

  • Connect with potential customers with personalized, automated email
  • Keep your sales team’s CRM full with native and 3rd party CRM integrations
  • Know exactly which campaigns drive the most leads with powerful analytics
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Dedicated onboarding and campaign review sessions, open office hours, and personalized copy and campaign feedback on weekly live trainings.

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