Mailshake Simplifies Your Outreach Workflow

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Fully automated email outreach

  • Prospecting outreach in minutes, not days: contact thousands of prospects all at once with email outreach campaigns and automated follow-ups
  • Insert text and links personalized to each recipient with a powerful mail merge
  • Maximize deliverability by pausing sequences when a prospect replies, unsubscribes, or bounces
  • Improve response rates by customizing your sending schedule around your prospect
  • Build your first sequence in minutes with proven email templates

Powerful analytics

  • Monitor opens, clicks, and replies for every email you send
  • See which part of your sequence is converting with Mailshake Lead Drivers
  • Improve your performance over time by A/B testing emails, follow-ups, or whole campaigns
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Lead Catcher

  • Validate emails before you send and avoid bad emails with List Cleaner
  • Manage leads without leaving Mailshake: mark leads as won or lost, and reply to leads with Mailshake Lead Catcher
  • Get a birds eye view of a prospect and see every email, social message, and phone call they've received across multiple campaigns
  • Automatically push all lead data to your CRM with native and 3rd party integrations

People’s Thoughts

"With one Mailshake campaign I generated over $100,000 in revenue for my company. Mailshake is the tool I don't want other BDRs knowing about."

Phil Chambers

Biz Dev Rep at High Radius

"Does cold email outreach really, really well. It is very easy to use, very intuitive. No unnecessary bells and whistles."

Guarav Harode

Founder & CEO at Enablix


  • Power through cold calls one after another with Mailshake Dialer
  • Unlimited VOIP calls to the US and Canada, and inexpensive international calls
  • Improve connect rates by selecting a number of the area code of your choice
  • Track and improve campaigns with call recording and notes within the call window
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Multi-channel outreach sequences

  • Increase response rates by incorporating LinkedIn and social media into your outreach sequence
  • Add tasks to your sequence to remind yourself to perform offline prospecting activities
  • Automatically add recipients to a sequence from your CRM or other apps with native and 3rd party integrations

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