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Advanced Cold Email Tips

Account-Based Do Not Contact

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Sometimes, reaching out to the right people is all about not reaching out to the wrong people.

Whether it’s previous customers who have unsubscribed from your list or simply clients you know don’t take well to receiving emails, it’s important to maintain an up to date do-not-contact (DNC) list to avoid the landmines in your email list.

With the help of tools like LeadFuze, it’s easy to filter your email list, export a list of the contacts you want on your blacklist, and then import that list into Mailshake to ensure they’re unsubscribed and won’t be receiving any future communications.

Learn how to create an account-based do-not-contact list in the video above.


Human-Proof Your Copy

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When writing emails, far too many people think that being distant and business-y is the best way to show that you’re capable, know how to navigate the space you’re in, and can get things done.

But the reality is that even when you’re doing business, there’s always another person at the other end of that email who’s going to react to it on an emotional and human level.

Sure, AI may be trending, but just because you might use ML to help with your data analytics doesn’t mean your emails should send like an experiment in the Turing Test. Keep your emails warm, friendly, and reach out to your contacts as a fellow human trying to make a connection, not as a shark trying to land a sale.

Get expert advice on how to humanize your emails and boost your engagement in the video above.



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A good email sequence is like a good piece of music: it ebbs, it flows, it peaks, and it concludes in a satisfying way. If any of those pieces are out of order, the music won’t work, and your email sequence won’t convert.

To perfect your email sequences, you’ll need to master a subtle dance that requires just the right amount of pushing forward and easing off at the right times. Plus, you’ll need to make sure you completely avoid three major mistakes that can sink your email campaigns in an instant.

Learn how to avoid the Big 3 email sequencing mistakes in the video above.



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Even the strongest relationships can have periods of radio silence. So, how do you strike up a conversation with your contacts when you haven’t spoken in ages?

The trick is to offer some “proof of life” behind your emails. Write subject lines that are timely and prove there’s a real person behind your email, not just a bot churning out hundreds of emails a day. Keep the copy personal, unique, and human – and don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability either.

Get expert tips on how to re-engage your clients in the video above.