Google Workspace

Google Calendar Integration with Mailshake

Manage your meetings with Mailshake’s
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Google Calendar

Update lead status when a Google Calendar meeting is scheduled.

Pause Mailshake recipients when they book a meeting through Google Calendar.

More ways to integrate Google Calendar with Mailshake

Add recipient to a Mailshake campaign when a meeting ends.

Unpause a recipient when they cancel a meeting in Google Calendar.

How Mailshake + Google Calendar enhances your scheduling

Booking meetings is a key part of the sales process, and it's important for your email communications to take into account whether a lead has taken the step of scheduling an appointment with you.

With Mailshake's Google Calendar integration, you can update lead information and statuses in Mailshake when meetings are scheduled in Google Calendar, and you can pause email campaigns to recipients that already have a meeting on the books.

On the flip side, you can trigger Mailshake campaigns for leads that cancel meetings to continue following up with them.

Book a demo to learn more about how Mailshake + Google Calendar can help you track your meetings and improve your communications.

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