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Call Loop Integration with Mailshake

Engage with your leads with Mailshake’s Call Loop
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Call Loop

Send a Call Loop Trigger Message after a new Mailshake message is sent.

Create a new lead in Mailshake when you receive a response to a Call Loop SMS.

Key benefits to integrating Call Loop with Mailshake

Integrating with Call Loop helps enhance your Mailshake campaigns by allowing you to engage leads through SMS messages, voice broadcasts, and ringless voicemails in addition to email.

More ways to integrate Call Loop with Mailshake

Send a Call Loop Trigger Message when you create a new lead.

Add a contact to a new Call Loop group when their lead status is updated or vice versa.

How Mailshake + Call Loop helps you connect with your leads

Sales is all about creating touchpoints with leads throughout the buying process, and Call Loop helps you do just that.

With Mailshake's Call Loop integration, you can connect with your prospects via multiple communication channels to increase your touchpoints and make sure they don't miss messages from you.

Diversifying your outreach across email, voice broadcast, and SMS gives your leads the ability to choose their preferred communication method and helps boost your response rate. You can then update a lead's status or add them to a campaign based on the actions they complete, such as opening an email or replying to a message.

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