How to use Mailshake to Automate Your Prospecting Outreach

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  • June 16, 2020

Regardless of why you’re doing outreach, there’s one thing you almost certainly have to be taking advantage of to be successful:


Unless you have a very small market of potential customers, it’s almost impossible to manually reach out to enough people, with the right message, on the right channels, with enough follow-ups to make it a profitable channel.

Mailshake makes it dead simple to reach out to any number of prospects with personalized, relevant messages on all the channels they live on.

Eric Griffing, a sales development rep here at Mailshake, created a video walking through a short demo of how Mailshake works. Check it out below.

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A word on automation and staying “human”

A totally legitimate critique of automating outreach is that it’s unpersonalized and disingenuous.

I completely agree; bad outreach is intrusive, annoying, and above all, not effective.

Good outreach, though, is the opposite; it’s timely, relevant, and helpful. It’s also scalable, measurable, and consistently effective as a long-term strategy.

(It’s also explicitly permitted under GDPR, which you can read about here.)

What are the characteristics of “good” outreach?

  1. Personalized, timely, and relevant
  2. On the prospect’s preferred channels
  3. A single call to action with minimal friction
  4. Sharing helpful resources in follow-ups – not just about making the sale
  5. GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant
  6. Feels human-to-human

Mailshake was built with “good outreach” in mind. Here are some of the ways:

  1. Personalize messages in bulk
  2. Perform outreach on multiple channels, including:
    1. Email
    2. Social
    3. Phone
  3. Real-time copywriting assistance
  4. Automatic follow-ups on any channel based on timing, or on recipient behavior (clicks, opens, or replies)
  5. Easy opt-out and data privacy settings

Mailshake also makes it easy to:

  1. Test and track the performance of individual messages and campaigns as a whole
  2. Integrate with your CRM and the rest of the tools you use
  3. Keep your list clean to reduce bounces, spam complaints and improve deliverability
  4. Reply to leads and track conversions
  5. Manage a team of users

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