How an AI Writer Can Improve Your Email Writing Process

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  • July 14, 2021

Artificial intelligence is a huge buzzword at the moment. Whatever industry you’re in, you’re bound to have heard stories about how technology like AI writers are going to revolutionize everything, and it’s likely you might have met these stories with a fair bit of skepticism.

Indeed, AI is still a developing technology, and it still remains to be seen how it fits into regular day-to-day business operations. In some business functions, however, AI is already making its mark.

One area where it’s having an impact already is AI writing, and if you’re looking to improve your email writing process, then it might be just what you’re looking for.

How Does AI Writing Work?

AI writers use machine learning to analyze millions of writing samples. This allows it to create a picture of the meaning behind words and how they link together in human language.

Although AI is a relatively new technology, it offers huge possibilities in many industries, and one such area is marketing. By recreating natural human writing, AI can help content creators with writing, research, and editing, helping to make the process more efficient.

This is important because content creation can be time-consuming and costly. In some cases, AI can have a positive impact on this process, supplementing the human talent businesses have available to them.

How Can AI Writers Improve Your Emails?

Emails are a fundamental part of the way we do business. They can also be a drain on our time though. On average, workers spend 28% of their time reading and writing emails, so AI has the potential to unlock big time savings.

Creating a Stellar Email Opener

When you send an email you want it to get read. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is with good subject lines, and a stellar email opener.

People want to feel like individuals, not just a number in your email outreach, and AI can help here. Tools like analyze your contact’s business details and LinkedIn profile to create a personalized opening line that gets responses.


When you see an email or blog that’s littered with errors, it’s a sign that someone hasn’t taken the required care over what they’re doing. Creating error-free content isn’t easy though, it takes a skilled editor, and it takes time.

AI can be a huge help in this area, eliminating a large number of errors right at the source. You’ll still need a human to run their eyes over what you’ve written, but tools like Grammarly can be a great first defense against writing errors.

Content Assessment

Your job title probably isn’t “writer.” It might be “marketer,” “salesperson,” “customer service,” or something similar. Your job might involve writing (and be an important part of it), but it’s not your primary task.

This means it’s always helpful to be able to get feedback that can make the process quicker and easier. AI can help assess your tone, SEO, readability, and many more things. As it can do so in real-time, it’s extremely useful when you’re sending a quick email.

When to Use AI Writers vs. Human Writers

Who knows how far AI writing technology can go.

At the moment, most people would agree that AI writers are a great tool to aid your content creation, but they can’t do it entirely on their own. When you read something that’s written by AI (at the moment), you can see it gets the idea, but it’s still not completely authentic yet.

Writing still requires talented human beings, but AI writers can be a big help.

Whether you’re writing a blog or an email, it’s an energy-intensive process. You’ve got to research, understand your audience, and think carefully about your word choice. AI writers can help you do this more quickly, giving you helpful tips to write better emails.

As Tom Davenport, writes in a Forbes article, “I don’t think it will replace human editors or copywriters; it’s just a good companion. The machine learning is useful but not perfect, and context always matters – AI doesn’t always get contextual corrections right. And AI can analyze tone, but only with the information it receives from the user.”

Choosing the Right AI Writer

AI writers are like any technology – you need to find the products that work best for your business. AI is improving every day, but often, you get what you pay for.

Many AI writers offer free versions which do a good job, but to really get the most out of AI it’s often necessary to look at something a little more powerful.

Again, it really depends on what you’re looking to do with AI. If you just want a way of quickly checking your emails for spelling, grammar, and tone, then a free version might do the trick, but the more input you want from AI, the more important it is to research your options and make sure you’re getting the features you need.

The Best AI Writing Software

If you’re looking to harness the power of AI to improve your emails, then these are some of the best AI writing software out there.

1. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI might just be the best GPT-3 (a third-generation language prediction model) on the market.

It has some amazing features to help you out with your writing and can be a great complement to your email writing process. With simple-to-use commands, and the ability to turn your thoughts into fully-fleshed ideas, this software can be a great time-saver while ensuring the quality of your emails.


Fancy letting Jarvis write your email copy (and virtually everything else)? With, Jarvis will become your new AI copywriting assistant, and it’s got some pretty powerful tools.

Offering over 40 copywriting templates, Jarvis helps you save hours writing original content, eliminate writer’s block, create effective headlines, and adapt your writing to fit your brand voice.

Make use of preloaded templates including AIDA model, product description, content improver, and creative story, and Jarvis can fill in the blanks for you with natural language that’s tailored to meet your needs.

3. aims to make writing as simple as one, two, three.

Choose the type of writing you want to do, describe your keywords, and get your results – it’s as simple as that. This is a great option when you’re looking for ideas for your writing. Even if you don’t use exactly the same copy, it can give your writing fresh impetus and save you a lot of time coming up with ideas.

With a huge selection of templates to choose from, can help with all aspects of writing, providing you with ad copy, social media content, website copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, sales copy, and more.

4. Magic Sales Bot

Magic Sales Bot is another great option for email outreach. The AI will give you intel on your sales prospects and then write personalized emails based on social profiles, industry news, and your target audience.

These are hugely important aspects of email outreach, and it’s research that takes up a lot of time if you’re doing the process yourself. Machine learning allows Magic Sales Bot to build a great picture of your prospects, and GPT-3 brings it all together in a “human” email.

With a free starter package and other paid options, Magic Sales Bot can become a powerful tool for your email outreach.


Successful communication is often very personal. Humans love stories (not just facts), and our communication reflects this. The best communication takes skilled (human) practitioners, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for AI.

AI technology has made huge leaps forward in being able to recreate natural human language, and this makes it a powerful tool. You may not be able to rely on it to create all your content from scratch yet (or ever, who knows), but you can rely on it to make your email writing better and more efficient.

There are lots of AI writers to help you do this, and you may find they transform your email writing process.

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